The Conjuring 2 ★★★½

"You need to leave. This is my house!"

I have a confession: there was a part of me that didn't want to enjoy this movie. I'm not a huge fan of haunted house films, and especially not of films that didn't need a sequel - The Conjuring 2 is a different story though: it revolved around The Einfield Poltergeist. To some, this could be considered one of the worst parts about it - but as someone who has read some of the files on this particular case - I found this rather intriguing. 

I think what made this movie so much more impressive than its predecessor is the fact that the characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren are more fleshed out this time around, whereas in The [first] Conjuring, we were meant to just "accept" that they deal with evil entities and that they're important individuals to the story. 

But I think my most absolute favourite part of this film, was the use of the dark and muted colours in the house[s], and even more importantly; the use of silence. Maybe it was used as an easy way to get a jump scare out of the audience, but I think it worked effectively: showing us how dark and how evil the Poltergeist truly is. Every time a scene went quiet, I swear I'd hold my breath; fearing what came next. This is a good thing!

But the real question is: was The Conjuring 2 a memorable film? Well, Yes and No. It was an interesting look at the Enfield Poltergeist, and the acting was solid. [especially the children] However, though I enjoyed it - let alone, a lot more than I expected to - it was a sequel that didn't have to be made as a Conjuring film; I would have preferred it to have been its own stand alone film. [call it something like: "The Warren Files: The Einfield Poltergeist." Oh, that's good! Write that one down!]

And that painting/shadow scene! Holy fuck. I won't get into extreme spoilers, but that evil Nun demonthing is easily one of the scariest on-screen villain I've seen in a long time. That scene will be seared into your brain for a very long time after seeing it for yourself.. 

All this, and It should be said that I am ridiculously jealous of Patrick Wilson's 1970s sideburns. Seriously: He is a beautiful, beautiful man and should be recognized as such. ❤️