The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) ½

"When I'm walking free, I'm gonna stab you in your eyes.."

Remember when movies used to this isn't the case - at all. I really didn't expect much from this 'finale', and now that I've seen it; I'm ashamed to know I willingly clicked 'play'. It was ridiculously meta, [which, granted - it gets some points for] it more or less lacked a "centipede", and it even included Tom Six - the writer/director of this "trilogy". The jokes were unfunny, the blatant racism was completely unnecessary, and it "tried" to be shocking for the sake of shocking.

I give up on The Human Centipede, I give up on Tom Six, and I give up on everything these "films" stand for; what a waste.

just.. please - no more "sequences" - please!