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  • The Warriors
  • Prescription: Murder
  • Body Double
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  • Rambo


  • Unbreakable


  • The Poughkeepsie Shuffle: Tracing 'The French Connection'


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  • Rambo


    I liked 'Sly' in 'First blood', because the movie was bringing a message.
    This one does that again with good performances, but the violence is exaggerated and the credibility weak.
    Great filming locations.
    If you were a real Vietnamveteran i think you would prefer the nice family life.
    So it is just Hollywood.

  • Unbreakable


    you need a lot of imagination of course, but this picture is very detailed in structure.
    Willis and Robin Wright are acting with a lot of confidence.
    It is wonderful just to listen to S.L. Jackson.
    He is not only an actor, but also a storyteller.
    The end sequence is spectacular in every way.
    But with these movies there is always 'credibility'.
    The actors did a better job than the director, although the man behind the camera must have been a genius.

Popular reviews

  • Comandante


    Another remarkable documentary about Cuba, Fidel and Chė! In my early years as a union representative i learned a lot on these people and their fight for justice! That made me a believer in the radical left-wing ideas. And i don't regret it!

  • At War

    At War

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    As a former union representative i think this movie is a gem! The conversations in the meetings are recognizable, and also union guys who are divided is the truth.
    A remarkable film...with a remarkable ending. But a union guy who kills himself because the plant where he works is closing...Maybe a little bit over the top. But , nevertheless, a strong piece of movie!
    And strong performances. Real union guys from the 'CGT' were involved in this picture!
    Great performance…