The warriors from coney island
The warriors from coney island

The warriors from coney island

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  • Le Deuxième souffle

    Le Deuxième souffle


    I am sure that Michael Mann watched this movie because we see some things he could have used in 'Heat'.
    We see a typical 'oldschool' French movie, with great performances. Paul Meurisse is astonishing as the cynical chief of police.
    Sometimes there are some loose ends in the plot ( but it stays a plot with credibility) and it was made in 1966.
    So it is an old movie. Nevertheless, strong picture and in black and white.
    And then there is Lino Ventura, one of my favourite actors. I have a strong believe that Robert De Niro watched Ventura carefully when he was a young actor!

  • Frenzy



    one of the more modern Hichcockmovies - seventies. But not the best.
    Of course, the plot is ok, and also the performances are well done.
    I liked the look of the seventies and the fact that it is all filmed in Britain makes it even more raw.
    One of the best things in all the Hitchcockmovies are the dialogues and the attention to details. This one is no different.

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  • At War

    At War


    As a former union representative i think this movie is a gem! The conversations in the meetings are recognizable, and also union guys who are divided is the truth.
    A remarkable film...with a remarkable ending. But a union guy who kills himself because the plant where he works is closing...Maybe a little bit over the top. But , nevertheless, a strong piece of movie!
    And strong performances. Real union guys from the 'CGT' were involved in this picture!
    Great performance…

  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


    the first 'Mad max' was not a professional movie, the second one was the best and the third one was just OK - Tina Turner is not an actress and you can tell while you're watching the movie!