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  • Earth



    This worked so much better for me than Fire. The story is more compelling, it's perspective excuses and even elevates certain narrative tactics that Mehta favors, and the focus on Sikhs is a genuinely new filmic experience for me with their side of history not really appearing in my view before. The film also has the benefit of a great supporting role by Aamir Khan who is just the best. The story is the one of India's independence and the…

  • Wonder



    This is such a vile film that doesn't even pretend to understand how humans work. At best this can be seen as a laundry list of all the horrible things that currently make up the American mind where emotion to oneself and clothes have greater value than inquisition or logic. The message of the film seems to be that one can ultimately only have empathy if you are able to see others as yourself and that friendships are only able…

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  • Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Beasts of the Southern Wild


    If this isn't the worst film nominated for best picture it comes pretty close considering how it offends all senses and sensibility. This is just an incompetently made film with stuff out of focus and a shaky cam that makes Greengrass look sober. I can't think of anything that should do worse for the reputation of amateur productions then this. Though the worst aspect of the film is how it renders an object of romance the poor. I honestly thought…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    There's so much to talk about here that I'm not sure where to begin and certainly will leave stuff out either through forgetfulness or not wanting to punish people with a tome of my awful writing. Just that Peele is able to throw in a split second visual gag about Bing being the search engine of evil or that Jesse Owens being talented is the origin of the plot shows a subtle genius that I love. Though probably the thing…