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  • Wise Guys

    Wise Guys


    To be honest this is only fitfully entertaining (which means that it's better then most of the film's I've seen lately), but having Brialy as a bisexual satanist is enough entertainment value to hold the rest of the film together. Though he's not alone at with Lafont giving a wonderful and slightly mysterious performance that in its wide eyed violence reminds me of Daria Nicolodi's work for Argento.

    While the true amazement typical of his work is limited to a…

  • L’argent



    There's an old story, perhaps more appropriate for A Man Escapes but for which this film explains well. Four men share a prison cell together. In secret three of them dig a tunnel and escape in the night. The guard on duty in the morning sees this with the one extra man quietly sitting in his cell. Naturally he opens the cell and once he's determined their escape he beats the remaining prisoner nearly to death. The moral given to…

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  • Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Beasts of the Southern Wild


    If this isn't the worst film nominated for best picture it comes pretty close considering how it offends all senses and sensibility. This is just an incompetently made film with stuff out of focus and a shaky cam that makes Greengrass look sober. I can't think of anything that should do worse for the reputation of amateur productions then this. Though the worst aspect of the film is how it renders an object of romance the poor. I honestly thought…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    There's so much to talk about here that I'm not sure where to begin and certainly will leave stuff out either through forgetfulness or not wanting to punish people with a tome of my awful writing. Just that Peele is able to throw in a split second visual gag about Bing being the search engine of evil or that Jesse Owens being talented is the origin of the plot shows a subtle genius that I love. Though probably the thing…