The Cut

The Cut ★★★½

At least some one remembered the centennial of the Armenian genocide and it's because of that silence I think I'm willing to give this film a few extra inches. The film is not theme based at all simply showing the genocide in classical form. Akin's approach is very didatic and story often Gumpian is the sheer amount of the event our lead experiences, but that silence makes it seem like a very appropriate approach with the goal being just to have people talk about the genocide. It's an admirable goal made all the more so by a second half that focuses on life after the genocide rather then making the film just one atrocity after the other. I can't say this is a great film, but the sensitivity and Kazan like elegance the film functions under makes it seem compulsory. Just to make sure I don't seem too full of myself with this I'll admit I only saw this film thanks to my sister's crush on Tahar Rahim it has gone so far under the radar.