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  • Tyrel



    i felt really sick the whole time but that coat did look super warm.

  • Widows



    liam neeson really kisses with his whole ass mouth open. daniel kaluuya is terrifying. steve mcqueen is good at making people lay down in this awkward way that it looks like they're actually dead. this movie is disturbingly violent. it's also really pretty and really simple and it kept doing things that made me happy but i don't think it quite escapes that forgettable drama/thriller formula enough to be a really memorable watch. viola davis is awesome.

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  • Suspiria



    fans of call me by your name will love this story of a young girl finding her identity through dance.

    tilda swintom smokes like a badass.

    we get it luca guadagnino, you can do all the film things. 

    those were my three ideas for reviews and i couldn't decide so i just put them all in. this movie both surpassed my wildest expectations and kind of let me down.

  • Border



    this is my favorite kind of magical realism: the emphasis on the realism kind.
    border does let the right one in but with such breadth. it comments on gender presentation and identity, systematic racism and oppression, parent and child relationships, and humanity's relationship with the planet.
    i kept waiting for a sour note to hit or a scene to lull and it never did. this movie takes you to absurd places and never once feels absurd. i was locked in start to finish.
    border is truly an entire creative team working to the heights of their abilities to create a seamless and soaring masterpiece.