I Am Cuba

I Am Cuba ★★★½

I absolutely love love love the determination of this propagandist movie. I Am Cuba consists of back to back stories of Cubans and their struggle during the pre-Castro era, all of which is clearly aiming against the imperialist Americans. That makes this (slightly) different from other similar works is the unparalleled cinematic techniques here, which includes some impressive camera tracking shots and close ups. The narration is also among the best I’ve ever heard in a film, very poetic-like in its words.

However, as many critics pointed out back during its release, the movie can be extremely naive, in fact almost tedious, with its drama. This is mostly seen in the last two stories, which can be a little unbearable to watch. Also, the portrayals of Cubans in this picture is awfully stereotypical. I personally know many Cubans and if I showed them this movie they’ll be truly offended about how they act in the film. To be fair though, this is still propaganda, which always blow things out of proportion. I give it points for its artistic merits, but I’m ultimately mixed on it.

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