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"What Daphne Saw" by Lizz Marshall

In a near future where violent criminals are reprogrammed into docile servants, a woman must survive her punishment of silent, mindless servitude in a home that hides the darkest of secrets.

"Aftertaste" by Chloë Wicks

Moll and Alfie are on the verge of falling in love after a few years of friendship - but she has a secret that threatens not only their budding romance but also his life. A film about intimacy, shame and appetite.

"PARE" by Lauren Sick

After a woman finds a blood stained jacket on a secluded road in the woods, she is haunted by a mysterious presence in a winter not-so-wonderland.

"Sleepwalker" by Nathan Bunker

A husband's attempt to keep his sleepwalking wife from injuring herself descends into chaos as he discovers she may be in the grips of mind control by an outside entity.

"The Visit" by Roxy Shih

A pregnant woman and her husband visit her aging grandmother in the rural mountains of Taiwan only to witness the older woman's disappearance through the will of a malevolent mountain spirit.

"Landgraves" by Jean-François Leblanc

A young journalist goes into the deep wood to interview the heavy-metal duo LANDGRAVES, who records an album for the first time since a murder imprisonment. His curiosity pushes him to follow the band deep in the forest, as a snowstorm arises.

"Progeny" by Justin Daering

When a blue-collar man is forcibly implanted with his alien boss's parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to help him remove the parasite -- a dangerous and forbidden act that puts their marriage -- and their lives -- at risk.

"The Relic" by J.M. Logan

A group of adventurers in search of a mythological object get more than they bargained for when they discover the legend foretelling the end of all life in the universe could actually be true.

"Come Be Creepy With Us" by Beth Fletcher

A millennial nightmare that follows Anna, a young woman stuck in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, who learns how to keep on living after being haunted by the undead spirit from her summer camp past. It’s about emerging adulthood and millennial angst; about letting go of our pasts and embracing what it means to grow up.

"Goodnight Darling" by Adam Azimov

Two sisters wonder if their mother’s strange behavior is a response to a recent family loss, or if something more sinister is at work… “Goodnight Darling” is a horror film about the moment in childhood when we discover our parents aren’t the people we thought they were.