Tenet โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…

what a strange sensation to return to movie theatres after six months.

this is the 4th movie i've seen on the big screen in 2020 and the first since birds of prey and honestly, the deprivation of a cinema experience made the return a very anticipated event and therefore made me project very high expectations onto tenet and you know what? if I made movies of the caliber that nolan makes movies, i'd be stubborn about audiences watching them in the best possible quality too.

jumping the gun and giving tenet 4 stars, more than i've given inception ๐Ÿ˜ณ because this was just sooooooo fun to watch. in true nolan fashion, it's a total mind-fuck even if some of the *twists* were easy to predict. personally, I don't always mind predictability if a film still has me on the edge and tenet definitely did. I could physically feel myself holding my breath at certain parts and I just LOVE that!

this has a certain rewatchability quality that makes me reckon it'll continue to sit above inception and dunkirk in my own ratings over time.

i'm ashamed to say this is my first john david washington movie but my god, what an actor. i'm definitely adding him to my "must watch everything he's ever done" list.

absolutely fantastic to see his chemistry with pattinson on screen. no spoilers but it's especially bittersweet at one point and forgetting who the actors are and just getting emotional over the moment that characters are sharing on screen is ugh TOP TIER !!

i'm just a major nolan fan at this point. I love not understanding the ~science~ of his plots but being completely sucked into his character's stories. I know we all praise nolan for his talent for confusing us or imagining incredibly fantastical alternate realities but honestly, it's the humanity in his films that shakes me every time.

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