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  • Flatland: The Film
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  • Secrets and Lies in a Town of Sinners

    Secrets and Lies in a Town of Sinners

    Everything Ms Phillips Makes Feels Unique in a Hard to Pin Down Way. Why does Inchworms in Paradise Need to Exist? Why is Jesus Just a Normal Guy Who Hangs Around Town? Why does Barber Ignore Their Parents Wishes and Star Gaze? Because People Do Strange Things For Strange Reasons and thats Fine. Everyone in these Shorts Feels Real and Like they Live In a World That is Inhabited By Other People. Idk Man, I Love Jonni's Stuff to a Degree that Sometimes Its Hard to Breathe and I Can't Wait for Whatever She Does Next.

  • Beforel Orel: Trust

    Beforel Orel: Trust

    Moral Orel is Something I Found In My Freshman Year of High School, Around the Time of My Life Where Things Were Getting Worse Before They Got Better. I Watched It All and Internalized It, and Set it All Down. It Is Now Senior Year and in 5 Months I am Moving Away From the Town I Grew Up In, From the Catholic School I Went To Until 8th Grade, From My Friends and Abusers and People I'll Never Fully…