21 Jump Street ★★★★

Taking this down a star after a rewatch.

21 Jump Street is a reboot of the 80's series, which I haven't seen much of. Screenwriter Michael Bacall and Jonah Hill have, together with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, created a ridiculously fun and raunchy movie that is more a parody of buddy-cop movies and the old television show.

The jokes are rude and crude, sometimes meta, and pretty much all ridiculously funny. This film is such a good, silly and incredibly fun time; there's nothing really serious about it. The story is okay, the characters are pretty much stereotypes, but they have fun with it. It's the dialogue and jokes, including the insane situations, that make the film.

It's not perfect, dragging a bit sometimes with jokes that doesn't hit as well as they should have, the film is a very worthwhile action-comedy-parody that's very quotable (Have some fairy dust, motherfucker!) and incredibly fun.

It's a great time at the movies. And that's all it ever needed to be.

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