Blue Lagoon: The Awakening ★★

Incredibly mediocre. Even if most of the film is spent with the two leads, you still don't care for them. That's almost an achievement.

Anyway, it could've been much better. The movie follows the two teenagers on the island, as well as their parents on the mainland, yet we're given no scenes with the parents being sad or dealing with it - they're just trying to find their kids, even when they've been gone for a month and counting.

All the performances are terrible. The script takes the easiest route throughout the entire film, there's no urgency, no stakes, no goals. They're on the island, there's no way off. We don't even get to see HOW they survive, not in great detail anyway. Sure, they find some fruit and a river, but that's not going to help you for a hundred days on an island.

And then the ending... Deus Ex Machina deluxe, with a montage and a prom. THE END. No "how is it to return", no hard questions. Again the film takes the easiest route. It doesn't delve into feelings. It just moves on. And on. And on. If you want to watch a perfect example of characters being slaves to a story, this is the movie you should see.

The sad thing is, it could've been great. A coming-of-age-story about two teenagers on an island, the parents dealing with their children's disappearance, the remaining family under strain, the friends and how they live on... They could've shown all this, making this new version (never seen the old one btw) a study in loss, grief, how to live with uncertainties and how to grow up. Instead they made.... this.