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  • The Sense of an Ending

    The Sense of an Ending


    I wasn’t sure any film adaptation could possibly hope to achieve the same level of emotional devastation and power the brief novel achieved, and while I was unfortunately correct with this adaptation, it is still sensitively crafted, grippingly performed, and genuinely touching in spite of its only superficial grasp of the themes behind its narrative.

    I would encourage anyone to seek out this novel — regardless — but I would also recommend this film to any fans of thoughtful, introspective…

  • Wildcats



    We’ve all heard this story before. Someone who dreams of a shot at coaching football is stuck with the biggest collection of low-life, give-up troublemakers you could have ever managed to assemble. You could take a wild stab just from the log line and guess where this movie is going.

    But Goldie Hawn is charismatic. You have a bunch of early performers before they were stars like Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, and even LL Cool J (in a cameo). Familiar beats aside, it’s fun and consistently engaging. If you’re into this style of movie, it’s a solid entry.

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  • Glass



    My opinion won’t be popular (or likely shared), but I loved this movie. I had not read previous reviews going in, but I’d seen the ratings of critics I respect and friends I tend to agree with and they were all pretty dreary.

    About halfway through the film, I was actively asking myself: “What’s wrong with me? I think I love this movie. Am I just stupid?” (That last question is still possibly true, by the way.)

    But this was…

  • Split



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not nearly as high-minded as Unbreakable (and we might argue that it probably should be taken on its own terms), but arguably delivers equal power. McAvoy’s and Taylor-Joy’s performances are impeccable (McAvoy is a force of nature in this), and we should give some props to the layered and substantial delivery by Betty Buckley as Dr. Fletcher.

    Having known and sat with the connection to Unbreakable for nearly two years, those final moments still delivered a tremendous punch. This is…