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  • The Mummy's Tomb

    The Mummy's Tomb


    Let me be upfront about this: there is nothing really inventive or original, or terribly noteworthy about this installment. It is a precursor to the slasher sequels of the 80s in its simplicity and economy: the monster awakens, goes on a killing spree, and is eventually contained yet again by the survivors.

    This one picks up 30 years after The Mummy’s Hand (and is a direct continuation of the story of those characters). I enjoyed the directness of the narrative…

  • Invisible Agent

    Invisible Agent


    Making only the loosest and most distant of connections to the original film, this sequel takes a crack at integrating the invisible character premise into a WWII spy thriller. I was surprised and impressed to find that, as a spy thriller, it was remarkably effective. The specifics of the espionage at the center of the film are never fully revealed, but they’re also never fully important. They serve merely as a means to position our invisible hero in the path…

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  • Glass



    My opinion won’t be popular (or likely shared), but I loved this movie. I had not read previous reviews going in, but I’d seen the ratings of critics I respect and friends I tend to agree with and they were all pretty dreary.

    About halfway through the film, I was actively asking myself: “What’s wrong with me? I think I love this movie. Am I just stupid?” (That last question is still possibly true, by the way.)

    But this was…

  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox


    It’s not perfect. The characterization is truncated and the pacing is too frenetic at times. But it’s got more to offer than the initial consensus would lead you to believe.

    I’m convinced that at least half of the negative criticism is due to people expecting 11 Cloverfield Lane.