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  • Let the Corpses Tan

    Let the Corpses Tan


    FYI this is streaming on Kanopy if you have a library card.

  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


    The "Fathom Events" transfer isn't good but it was still cool to see and hear this on the big screen. Timm & co. are visually drawing from crime serials, noir, Soviet propaganda posters and Futurist architecture. Really sounds amazing too, with rain foley, muted footsteps, hushed voices (aside from Hamill of course) and Shirley Walker's orchestration creating a total ASMR experience practically. Also, I forgot how funny this movie is: when the Joker chooses to whack the Phantasm with baloney rather than grab the knife, just because it's funnier, the entire theater cracked up.

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  • Double Down

    Double Down


    Actual end-credits text:

    LIGHTING................... NONE
    LOCATIONS................ NEIL BREEN
    CATERING.................. NEIL BREEN

  • Burying the Ex

    Burying the Ex


    Don't ask me to sympathize with the guy who wants to dump his girlfriend for not getting his references to obscure cereals.