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  • Split Second

    Split Second


    Rutger Hauer shows his badge to a dog, and not as a bit.

  • After Last Season

    After Last Season


    “I was… having a terrible dream.”

    Producer/writer/director/cinematographer Mark Region’s After Last Season is often mentioned alongside such jarringly guileless films as Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, James Nguyen’s Birdemic and the films of Neil Breen. Despite the fact that After Last Season demonstrates all of the hallmarks of low-budget naive digital cinema which these films share in common—counter-intuitive framing and shot compositions, unmixed sound, crude effects, library piano soundtrack—it was actually shot on 35mm film, photographed and edited piecemeal over ten…

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  • Curse of the Crimson Altar

    Curse of the Crimson Altar


    Vernon Sewell's The Crimson Cult, a loose adaptation of Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch House, begins with a confusing prologue. After a title sequence of neon green on b-roll of gargoyles and other iconography set to funeral music, and a quote about mind control attributed only to "a medical journal," a woman in a black hood and nipple pasties whips another woman on a rack, while a druid with pet goat, and Barbara Steele in green bodypaint and ram's horns…

  • Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

    Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain


    FYI there's an hour long interview with Tsui Hark on the Eureka Blu-Ray that was filmed earlier this year that is very good.

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  • Double Down

    Double Down


    Actual end-credits text:

    LIGHTING................... NONE
    LOCATIONS................ NEIL BREEN
    CATERING.................. NEIL BREEN

  • November



    Friendship ended with Black Phillip, Now Bible-crushing plague pig is my best friend.