Beyond Lemuria

Beyond Lemuria ★★★½

Goofy yet totally earnest narrative film that often feels like a disjointed Youtube documentary or recruitment tool about Lemuria, past lives and the stuff from Lovecraft and Shaver that is supposedly secretly true. A group of non-professional actors play twinned groups of seekers: an evil coven of Satanists dressed all in black, and a group of new age academics led by Ascended Master Phylos, a reincarnated refugee from Atlantis.

Aesthetically flat, all digital overexposed exteriors, but the occasional shot of snowy Mt. Shasta in the background or a composite SFX sequence will be disarmingly beautiful. The best thing about this movie by far though is the dialogue, stretched across interminably long scenes, endless occult history lessons and testimonials delivered by relentlessly chipper doughy white guys in costume-shop robes and sacred jewelry, disambiguation for an audience intended to find the Light Inside, or whatever.