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  • Evelyn



    this is a very good movie and well acted by the whole's about a recently widowed father in 50's Ireland who is trying to win the battle of gaining custody of his 3 children......what blows me away is that my Daughter is named Evelyn (Evy) for short and made the same year my Daughter was how cool is that as I am also trying to just get the rights to see my daughter again.....this will go in my movie collection at some point

  • Carnival of Souls

    Carnival of Souls


    best zombie movie ever made in my humble there are way too many zombie movies made but this one has a story behind it and you feel for the protagonist of this film....the fact that this was done in black and white just adds great dimension to the story and I guess I would also say 2nd to this one is Night of The Living Dead directed by George Romero (1968) my opinion the whole zombie thing these days lack a good story line and imagination and gets very old but I recommend this one for fans of well done horror movies

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  • Wild Hogs

    Wild Hogs


    what a hilarious movie....great cast and great soundtrack...I especially loved William H Macy's role in this as I could relate to His character except I would get the girl like He did.....what a fun movie

  • Poor Pretty Eddie

    Poor Pretty Eddie


    very crazy movie about a black lady entertainer in need of a vacation and ends up in a very creepy backwoods town deep in the backwoods of GA, great cast of actors in this movie....Michael Christian plays Eddie Collins a psycho backwoods elvis/ country entertainer wannabe and Leslie Uggams is the entertainer who ends up being raped and tormented by the creepy folks in town but gets her revenge in the end