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  • The High Note

    The High Note


    A movie that wasn't on my radar but ended up being a really pleasant surprise. It's not without it's flaws but honestly by the end I didn't really care. It has a really good story, inspiring messages and a big heart. The cast really elevates this too, Kelvin Harrison Jr. is becoming one of my favorite actors by far and there's a neat little twist in here too. A really good escape from all the darkness going on in the world.

  • 21 Bridges

    21 Bridges


    Chadwick Boseman is solid and there's some well staged action scenes, but "21 Bridges" is one of the more generic and by the numbers cop thrillers I've seen in a while. The story just never became engaging and I wasn't particularly fond on the finale. A disappointment.

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  • Rounders



    While "Rounders" thinks it's a lot better and way more clever than it actually is, it still makes for a really entertaining watch thanks to the strong performances from Matt Damon and Edward Norton, some well done poker sequences, and very good pacing. Really entertaining flick.

  • Secret in Their Eyes

    Secret in Their Eyes


    Boring, dumb, and derivative, "Secret in Their Eyes" is a huge disappointment that wastes it's talented cast on a thriller that fails to deliver any sort of tension or thrills. The twist is complete garbage.