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  • Raised by Wolves

    Raised by Wolves


    Five eps in.

    RGB is dead.

    Now more than ever I wish the was a mini series with an end.

    Since it's the last show I'll ever get to watch before the civil war.

    It's like... What's the point of only getting a couple eps into Mando and then getting killed in my home by a MAGA?!

    I don't need Baby Yoda giving me hope.

  • Raised by Wolves

    Raised by Wolves



    Yeah, I read what @mrisnes wrote.

    Still couldn't prepare me for that.

    Everything Ser Riddles has done had been building to this.

    His best foot forward since Matchstick Men.

    Anyway, no spoilers, but:

    1) Mother as both the ultimate Athiest but also the Horn of Gabriel -- **chef's Kiss**

    2) About goddamn time something interesting was done with the Alien franchise.

    3) You guys see the sun today?

    4) the part of me that knows Keplar 22B is a…

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  • The Last Movie Star

    The Last Movie Star


    Well...that all hit way too close to home...

    Having grown up in age when Burt Reynolds was a fading star turned Loni Anderson tabloid fodder turned short-lived sitcom star turned guy who thought he was going to Travolta his way back into everyone's hearts with BOOGIE NIGHTS--only to see his later-midlife irrelevance double down--I was more than shocked to find myself watching the greatest performance of his lifetime in film made by the writer of MOUSEHUNT & UNDERDOG.

    And don't get…

  • Assassin 33 A.D.

    Assassin 33 A.D.


    A bold look at what happens when the evil Muslims gain access to time travel at a community college doubling as a set for EVERYTHING.

    And only Christian Jake Gyllenhaal, Christian Gal Gadot, Christian Gerry Butler, and Christian 'Magnitude' from COMMUNITY (Pop! Pop!!!) can save the fakest beard you've ever seen glued to Jesus Christ from being erased from history or whatever.