Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

When I was 20 & it was announced George Lucas was returning to create a prequel trilogy to my most beloved film series, I couldn't even process what it would be like to return to that universe.

9 years & 3 films later I was still waiting to see that realized.
Not until Disney bought the brand did actual Star Wars films start getting released in 2015, which--whatever you might think of the 4 new films--is the best thing anyone can say about them.
We get actual sequels set in the universe I missed so much.
And with Rogue One & now Solo (a Solo Solo) we get actual prequels
Neither of them are groundbreaking, but they sure are fun & actually FEEL right.

I can only assume Solo tanking is based on very public behind the scenes troubles, generally tepid to negative response to The Last
Jedi, but mostly they should have waited longer than 5 goddamn months to put this puppy out.
May WAS tradition.
Star Wars IS a December thing now.
Stick with that.

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