Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

Last nights SALVATOBER re-watch of SOLO: A SOLO SOLO via a 4K disc on @MRisnes' giant 4K schmance TV (for a total multiplied effect of 16K) was--visually speaking--the only way to watch SOLO.

I mean...if you have a 16K set-up that's fine too.
You don't have to see it at Matt's.

This movie is still thrilling and funny and engaging and wouldn't make a goddamn lick of sense if every other Star Wars movie didn't exist, but at least in 16K it looks...


I hesitate to say good...

Outdoors scenes in the light look amazing.
But they always have.

Everything else...well...

There was this period in the mid-90's after Frank Miller released the first couple Sin City graphic novels where a series of artists tried to make a mark by totally aping Miller's shadow-only style.
Even artists like Jim Lee who had no need to mess with the perfection they already had gave it a whack.

But here's the thing:

Everyone else was terrible at doing Miller's Sin City style.

Whereas Miller instinctively knew what to black out and what to leave as negative space, everyone else just overdid and it was garish.

That's what every scene not lit properly in Solo looks like.

At least in 16K you make out characters and shapes that were murky nothing in the theater, but still...

Shoulda waited another 7 months and finished the CG, Disney, instead of rushing a product no one wanted after THE LAST JEDI & getting rip-off Frank Miller with it.

Only downside to the 16K:
We watched in Matt's pitch black basement at night.
That AMAZING shot of Lando in his furs while L3 was cutting open the gate to get to the Falcon hurt.

IT FUCKING PHYSICALLY INJURED MY VISION to go from murky blacks to phosphorous popping, strobe lights white.

Anyway, please finish this 3-part tale you set out to make on your goddamn streaming service, Disney.
You owe the actual fans that much.

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