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  • Overlord



    Even though this kinda film isn't my jam, it delivers exactly what it promised, and probably more. Extremely well filmed, and unapologetically forces the audience into the abyss along with its characters.

    Excellent CGI, interesting enough plot, and memorable-if-cliched characters make it a never-boring horror-ish wartime action.

  • Bumblebee



    I had no idea it would be set in the 80's. Makes the whole thing better, and gives the whole film a veneer that lets me believe it more readily.

    Extremely well filmed, and the show makes excellent use of its undeniably talented female lead. She was the best thing about True Grit, and she nails this less severe role, too.

    The Bumblebee character is easy to love, and the throwbacks to 80's music and culture somehow doesn't come off…

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  • Vice



    Extremely interesting (and somewhat mocking) biopic of Dick Cheney and his rise to power. Gives you good, surprising information about the man, in McKay's trademark cheeky style.

    While I learned a lot of things watching this film, and marvelled at Christian Bale's uncanny performance (even though Cheney talked a bit like batman sometimes), I gotta say, it definitely outstayed its welcome. Shave 20 or so minutes off the end of this film and you've got an academy award in the…

  • Fist Fight

    Fist Fight


    This movie is an unfunny, poorly written, badly edited, crap idea which takes a large bore shit on the idea of comedy.

    An ill-conceived premise in which you care about none of the characters, and cannot justify any of their actions or points of view.

    Relying too heavily on cheap gags to bolster a paper-thin script, it was almost embarrassing to sit in a theatre where no-one was laughing for VERY long stretches of the movie.

    Charlie Day, who *does*…