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  • My Generation

    My Generation


    Love the footage of old stars and Michael Caine's commentary, however this doco outstays its welcome, with lingering shots of older, generic footage over sixties music. If it were about 30 minutes shorter it would have been awesome. Hire an editor, man.

  • Fracture



    Could have been awesome if the police in the movie weren't so stupid. Also, Tony Hopkins is made out to be way cleverer than he actually is.

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  • Fist Fight

    Fist Fight


    This movie is an unfunny, poorly written, badly edited, crap idea which takes a large bore shit on the idea of comedy.

    An ill-conceived premise in which you care about none of the characters, and cannot justify any of their actions or points of view.

    Relying too heavily on cheap gags to bolster a paper-thin script, it was almost embarrassing to sit in a theatre where no-one was laughing for VERY long stretches of the movie.

    Charlie Day, who *does*…

  • Deliver Us from Evil

    Deliver Us from Evil


    What a piece of shit.

    I didn't buy either of the leads cops, for a second. It's almost like everyone is trying to do an ironic cliche of standard cop characters, only everyone doesn't know it's supposed to be ironic.

    How did Eric Bana get himself in this bag of assholes?

    Also, Joel McHale looks ridiculous with a backwards cap. Weird style choice there.