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  • The Domestics

    The Domestics


    Beautiful couple Mark and Nina West (Tyler Hoechlin and Kate Bosworth) hit the road and head cross country in post-apocalyptic America in the aftermath of the government deciding to dust crop the nation's populace with poison that only a small percentage of the population either avoided or proved resistant to. The reasons behind this man-made mass extinction event are not given though that's one executive order I'm surprised Congress didn't vote down.
    Along the way, they encounter all sorts of…

  • How It Ends

    How It Ends


    Another in the latest slew of post-apocalyptic type movies where the American way of life either has or is collapsing due to unseen forces.
    Here the unlikely father/boyfriend-in-law team of Tom and Will (Forest Whitaker and Theo James) begrudgingly team up to go cross country to Seattle to find Sam (Kat Graham), who is Tom's daughter and Will's pregnant fiancee after the western seaboard is plunged into an unexplained electronic and communications blackout.
    Along the way they face some occasional…

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  • Wind River

    Wind River


    Set in the eponymous Wind River Indian Reservation of the title and the secluded snow covered mountainous terrain of north-central Wyoming events centre around the discovery of a dead body and subsequent investigation.
    18-year-old Natalie Hanson was a 'good girl' yet somehow ended up raped and found in the woods frozen to death several miles from anywhere resembling civilisation. The man who discovered her is U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracker Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) who just happens to be…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Constantine "Connie" Nikas (Robert Pattinson) interrupts and pulls his younger mentally handicapped, brother Nick Nikas (Ben Safdie) out of a therapy session with a psychologist. He knows what's best for his brother. Soon after the two siblings don masks and rob a bank. Whilst escaping a dye pack goes off in their money bag and they are pursued by local cops. Connie gets away but his younger brother crashes through a shopping mall exit door and is subsequently arrested. We…