The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot ★★★

Well, that was a bizarre watch.
Based on the title and cast I figured this to be a high end B-movie with potential grindhouse influences.
In that regard, I was disappointed.
Instead, we get a pretty sincere drama focusing on a washed up and very much alone WWII veteran called Calvin Barr (Sam Elliot) whose wartime excursions are shown in a series of disorganised flashbacks.
As Calvin stews in the regret over both his actions and inactions in the past and begrudgingly persists through old age he is approached by a nameless CIA operative portrayed by Ron Livingston who requests that he comes out of retirement and serve his country one more time by hunting down the mythical bigfoot in rural Canada after it is revealed that not only is the legend true but unless stopped it has the potential to wipe out humanity due to a contagion it's carrying.
All the stuff suggested in the title is really just a sideshow though and a bizarrely unnecessary one at that with the real cusp of the story being Calvin's overbearing yearning for the girl he left behind long ago - played very effectively by the picturesque Caitlin FitzGerald in flashbacks - to go off to war after several aborted marriage proposal attempts.
Elliot is fantastic in the lead and the rest of the performances are strong across the board. Featuring a pretty moving soundtrack by Joe Kraemer and some excellent cinematography by Alex Vendler, God only knows how the hell first-time director/writer Robert D. Krzykowski got this over the line. For a start can you imagine pitching it to the studio never mind to an in-demand talent like Elliot?
An awkwardly paced but overall satisfying, pretty affecting movie concerning old age and regret.....but what the hell was all that Hitler and bigfoot stuff about?