Villains ★★★

Impulsive young couple Mickey and Jules (Bill Skarsgård &
Maika Monroe) have acquired a penchant for sticking up gas stations for easy cash and plan to use their ill-gotten gains to finance their dream of living it large in sun-kissed Florida.

Along they way their car runs out of gas in some backwoods of rural America which leads them to break into what they thought was a vacant home only to encounter more than what they could ever have bargained for in the form of its occupants, the seemingly docile and polite Gloria and George (Kyra Sedgwick & Jeffrey Donovan) who are actually stark raving mad psychopaths hiding a sadistic secret down in the basement.

Nicely filmed and with a whimsical feel laced with moments of sardonic humour and dark undertones it's a breezy horror-comedy from co-directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen featuring sharp performances from a talented lead cast who's equally dangerous characters are pitching their wits against each other.

In summation, though it's mildly entertaining it's almost completely forgettable within moments of its conclusion.

At only 88 mins, however, it's worth the investment for genre fans especially as there isn't much else new around at the moment.

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