• The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

    The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension


    The incredibly named Buckaroo Banzai (Peter Weller) is a rock star/scientist/surgeon/adventurer and an all-round good guy who is the only man who can save the word after it comes under attack from seditious aliens who originate from the 8th dimension.

    The cast is incredible with loads of now household names in the early stages of their careers.

    Pre-Robocop Weller aside there's John Lithgow, Clancy Brown, Ellen Barkin, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Goldblum and a host of others.

    The script is a…

  • Tenet



    I saw a Tenet a while ago.

    I wondered why it's taken me so long to review it.

    To be honest, the answer is pretty simple...............apathy.

    Like most folk, I couldn't help but be enraptured by most of Christopher Nolan's films, especially in recent years.

    For me, Dunkirk (2017) was a stirring, seminal movie and in my opinion the directors best film in what is an undoubtedly strong body of work.

    Now he's done, Tenet.

    A film that apparently took…

  • Fatman



    In the wilds of rural Alaska, an embittered Chris Cringle (Mel Gibson) aka 'Santa' and his wife Ruth (Marianne Jean-Baptiste ) keep the 'Christmas spirit' going in the face of hostile market forces and an increasingly cynical world.

    Meanwhile, back in said world, Billy Wenan (Chance Hurstfield) a privileged rich kid with sociopathic tendencies, therefore, embodying that aforementioned cynicism employs Jonathan Miller (Walton Goggins) a highly trained contract killer to hunt down 'The Fatman' and make him pay for putting…

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    Saw this a while back and for some reason forgot to review it.

    In summation, a bunch of unsuspecting American citizens are dumped in the middle of nowhere so as to be hunted down by rich elitist types in a sort of 'The Most Dangerous Game' vs 'Battle Royale' parody.

    We gradually come to realise that those being hunted were selected for such a fate due to their ignorant right-wing views whilst those that have them in their assault rifle…

  • You Should Have Left

    You Should Have Left


    Wealthy ex-banker Theo Conroy (Kevin Bacon) and his attractive much younger actress girlfriend Susanna (Amanda Seyfried) head to the Welsh countryside for a week with their daughter Ella (Avery Essex) in tow.

    It's a modern structure but apparently, there's always been a house there and the property likes to expose secrets that individuals have been keeping to themselves.

    It just so happens that Theo is harbouring a particularly dark one so this is literally the worst place for him to…

  • Spell



    Marquis T. Woods (Omari Hardwick) a prosperous big city lawyer decides to pilot his family deep into the Appalachian mountains to attend the funeral of his late father.

    They go down in a storm and Marquis awakes injured but still lucid in the care of elderly locals Eloise (Loretta Devine) and her husband Earl (John Beasley).

    Desperate to find out the fate of his family it quickly dawns on Marquis that he's not so much in their care and more…

  • The Informer

    The Informer


    Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) is deep undercover for the FBI having infiltrated the Polish mob.

    Every time he thinks he's getting out though his handlers pull him back in.

    Chief amongst them Erica Wilcox (Rosamund Pike) has a conscious but her superior Montgomery (Clive Owen) does not and regards Koslow as expendable.

    So much so they'll even send him to a state penitentiary to crack the cities drug trade.

    Meanwhile suspicious NYC narcotics cop Edward Grens (Common) smells a rat…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Put upon Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) hatches an elaborate plan to escape the clutches of her overbearing and psychotic / megalomaniac boyfriend Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen).

    With the help of her sister Emily (Harriet Dyer) and cop friend James Lanier (Aldis Hodge) she thinks she's pulled it off.

    But guys like Adrian don't go away easily either in this life or the next and it gradually becomes apparent that though unseen he's still terrifying Cecilia and driving her to the…

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    In the ski community of Snow Hollow somewhere in northern America young woman are being horrifically murdered and local lawman John Marshall (Jim Cummings) is trying to get to the bottom of it before the FBI step in.

    Hindered by his mostly inept colleagues save the capable Officer Julia Robson (Riki Lindhome) as well as concern for his ageing father Sheriff Hadley (the late Robert Forster) who is refusing to throw the towel in despite being way past it not…

  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) is back returning from a chain gang where he was placed as punishment for disgracing his native Kazakhstan due to its depiction in his previous outing 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' (2006).

    This time he is tasked with aligning his nation's government with Donald Trump's administration via a gift but after it's eaten in transit he alternatively must offer up his only daughter Tutar Sagdiyeva (Maria Bakalova) to American…

  • Behind You

    Behind You


    "Mirror, mirror on the wall. How do we make the worst horror movie of them all?"

    Here goes.

    Recently orphaned Olivia (Addy Miller) and her younger sister Claire (Elizabeth Birkner) are sent to stay with their unwilling aunt Beth (Jan Broberg) in her big scary house that holds a horrific secret.

    The reasons for her unwillingness are revealed in a stunning dialogue exchange with the kid's carer Camila (Aimee-Lynn Chadwick) where apparently Beth has forgotten the content of a phone…

  • The Source of Shadows

    The Source of Shadows


    Horror anthology from a host of new directors is pretty breezy at 83 mins with the shorts coming thick and fast but save some nice cinematography they are all pretty much hackneyed unimaginative fare.

    None are particularly scary or unsettling as one ticks over into another and most are done with a deadly serious tone removing the potential for any fun though the final instalment 'Withheld' about a phone sex worker being terrorised by a caller who appears to know…