• Psycho Goreman

    Psycho Goreman


    Psycho Goreman or PG for short - that's his human-given name anyway, he actually prefers 'The Arch Duke of Nightmares'- an intergalactic killing machine with aspirations to rule the cosmos under a bloody iron fist, washes up on earth where he unwillingly falls under the command of small town girl Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna) after she comes into possession of the all-powerful gemaphoraxodite (at least I think that's what it's called) a glowing purple gem from which our 'anti-hero' draws his…

  • Hellraiser



    David Bruckner directs this Hulu-produced remake of the original Hellraiser (1987) or maybe more accurately the second attempt at an adaption of Clive Barker's 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart.

    Featuring a significant switch in the story which here focuses on a hedonistic drug addict Riley McKendry (Odessa A'zion) who comes into possession of the cursed puzzle box that opens up doors to a hellish dimension releasing its demonic occupants the twisted Cenobites.

    Loads of other characters come along for the…

  • Nope



    After experiencing the loss of his father in, to say the least, unusual circumstances Hollywood movie horse handler Otis (Daniel Kaluuya) begins to notice some even more unusual goings on in the night skies around the family ranch in rural California.

    With his charismatic sister, Emerald (Keke Palmer) and local IT guy Angel (Brandon Perea) in tow Otis will try and uncover if his family home and business are under threat from a UFO or something even more unimaginable.


  • Adventures in Game Chasing

    Adventures in Game Chasing


    Billy and Jay (Billy Chaser and Jay Hatfield) are two lifelong friends who now as unemployed adults yearn for their youth when they used to play NES games at Billy's now-deceased grandad's house.

    Desperate for cash they decide to go on a road trip to hunt down Billy's old Nintendo console believing it might be worth something on the retro gamers market.

    It is but not enough to justify a road trip to Colorado or the absurd 100 mins runtime.…

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    David Gordon Green and Danny McBride complete their trilogy entry to the long-running Halloween franchise with the aptly named Halloween Ends.

    Set three years after the brutal events of the first two pictures - that is the first two of this trilogy which I believe were both direct sequels of John Carpenters' 1978 original - the unstoppable Michael Myers is now seeing out his days in a local sewer outlet under a bridge which is just as well because in…

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    Struggling NYC artist Evie Jackson (Nathalie Emmanuel) signs up for an ancestry.com style website and her DNA shows her to be a long-lost relative of posh English boy Oliver (Hugh Skinner) who immediately invites her to a family wedding in rural England.

    There Evie is soon charmed by the Lord of the Manor Walter De Ville (Thomas Doherty) but just when it looks like her fantasy of falling in love with a mega-rich aristocrat is coming true a fly in…

  • Smile



    A disturbed student is admitted to see psychiatrist Dr Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) in the psychiatric ward of a big city hospital.

    She says her professor had a big smile on his face before he bashed his own brains in with a hammer - something you come across every day - and now she randomly sees a manically smiling entity that no one else can but is definitely coming to get her.

    Of course, the good Doctor thinks the crazed…

  • X



    Porn producer Wayne (Martin Henderson) takes a band of budding performers and aspiring filmmakers principal among them his girlfriend Max (Mia Goth) down to rural Texas to make an adult feature film.

    Their elderly hosts don't seem too keen on them and as their creative endeavours using nearby barns etc come to light things get decidedly deadly with plenty of gore to boot.

    Ti West returns to form with this shameless tribute to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1972) along with…

  • Memory



    Liam Neeson plays an ageing hitman suffering from dementia who starts to find a conscience after a young girl he was originally paid to kill but couldn't ends up dead anyway.

    There's a whole other angle about a corrupt local businesswoman (Monica Belluci) with a perverted son and a bereaved local cop (Guy Pearce) who is the only good guy left in a bad town.

    Anyway, it's another forgettable bargain bucket action movie straight off the Post-taken (2008) Neeson movie…

  • Glorious



    Unhinged Wes (Ryan Kwanten) gets trapped in a roadside toilet stop.

    It turns out that gestating in the end toilet cubicle is the demigod or titan Ghatanothoa (JK Simmons) who is hiding out from his father - the ultimate power in the Universe - who plans to use him to destroy all known life in existence.

    And to think Wes only wanted a piss.

    As the narrative unveils over a pretty thin runtime of 79 mins Ghatanothoa reveals to Wes…

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    A bunch of Gen Z American rich kids get together at David's (Pete Davidson) family's rural mansion for a 'hurricane party' and a night of merriment, alcohol consumption, heavy drug use and general debauchery entail.

    It all starts out fine but ends up in a bloody whodunnit as one by one the revellers are found dead.

    Eastern European outsider Bee (Maria Bakalova) who has attended at the behest of her new girlfriend Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) soon falls under the most…

  • Brian and Charles

    Brian and Charles


    Tinpot inventor Brian Gittins (David Earl) leads a lonely existence in the Welsh countryside when one day he decides to abate his loneliness by building a robotic companion.

    The end result is the rather quirky and dysfunctional Charles Petrescu who at first brings some joy to Brian's depressing existence but soon proves antagonistic as he seeks to venture out into the wider world.

    David Earl's peculiar robotic bromance is mildly entertaining but the concept is stretched rather thin over a…