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  • Amélie



    Okay, okay, so it takes place in a kaleidiscopic, pastel-coloured carnival of whimsy and overwhelmingly-white Montmartre that does not exist, and never did; even in its arty Chat Noir, Can-Canning heydey. It's been rightly criticised for not reflecting the multi-cultural nature of modern Paris, and the plot is admittedly slight.....

    But it's also the most joyous, idiosyncratic and downright fun movie I think I have ever seen. Most of my other favourite films tend towards the bleak, but the first…

  • Belle



    As much as I enjoyed Belle, I came away thinking that it is an unconventional story told in the most conventional way possible.

    It is a relentlessly manipulative film in that there isn't a single moment that you aren't being led through it like an old lady being helped across the street. Every shot and every note of music is choreographed to tell you exactly how to feel at the risk of being every bit as constraining as the myriad…