Silent House

Silent House ★★½

At first this seems like a fairly pointless remake of the original Uruguayan low-budget La Casa Muda elevated by good work from the excellent Elizabeth Olson.

It retains the cheap aesthetic of the original, and the central premise of a real-time horror, edited in such a way to look like one continuous shot. Technically, it's very cleverly done and the film's almost overwhelming darkness covers up any obvious joins.

I found the original pleasurably tense for most of the duration but found the ending vague and frustrating. Here, we are given greater exposition and a more satisfying conclusion but, perhaps through familiarity with the original, it just wasn't anywhere near as scary.

It isn't dreadful though, and Olson cements her reputation further, being onscreen and in various states of terror virtually every second of the 85 minute run. It must have been fairly gruelling to shoot.