Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★

I went in with the lowest of expectations, but optimistic that I would at least have some fun.

Well, the dialogue is atrocious. Honestly, there isn't a single good line of dialogue in the entire movie and it really sinks the film anytime the characters are talking about the science fictions concepts. On the other hand, the science fictions concepts are still cool as hell and as a diehard cyberpunk fan I was in heaven watching this movie. It looks so good and the cyberpunk is soooo cyberpunk. That's the curse of most cyberpunk though, the visuals and concepts are brilliant and then it's always sunk by one really really shitty thing.

I'd love to make a fan edit of this movie where I cut out all the dialogue and just let the themes speak for themselves. This is a story that really needed to be more subtle, and the screenplay and direction really didn't help with that. The production designer, vfx lead, and costume designers really picked up the slack though, because oh my god did I have the biggest grin on my face while watching this.

Too bad that my brother and I were the only two people sitting in our city's Imax theatre... This movie really doesn't deserve to bomb, so I certainly recommend it if you like cyberpunk and want there to be more movies like this one. At the very least, GitS was different than most of the other shit that comes out nowadays...

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