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  • In the Mood for Love
  • The Handmaiden
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  • Look Both Ways

    Look Both Ways


    The cast in this is decent and Lilli Reinhart is really charming in this but Taiwan did this exact concept and way better. The fact that abortion is never once brought up in this as a choice, or any look at the economic constraints on unemployed fresh graduates with a baby is sure a choice. We are just supposed to accept that Natalie can raise the baby because her parents have a house she can bum around in and they…

  • Lick the Star

    Lick the Star


    Sofia Coppola's version of Thirteen. And like Catherine Hardwicke, she gets how intensely tough being a tween/pre-teen can be, sometimes even more confusing and harrowing than being a teenager.

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  • A Short Story

    A Short Story


    Amazing, spectacular, never before seen. If people didn't know, this short film came about because someone in a pet food company loved Bi Gan's films and commissioned him to make a short film which could be about anything as long as it featured cats. And he agreed and thus we get this wonderful little fable. Wish I had money to commission people to make short films about magical cats.

  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    why would you choose ben affleck over josh hartnett