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  • The Minus Man

    The Minus Man


    This film is a hidden gem. It's certainly not for everyone. The problem with most of the serial killer movies out there is that they tend to conform to a stereotype of what a serial killer is. This is different, and therefore much more chilling. The voice-over is great because it contrasts so wildly with his appearance. Owen Wilson does such a great job, because he lets out the crazy in fairly subtle ways.

  • The Forest of the Lost Souls

    The Forest of the Lost Souls


    People are always criticizing the younger generations, saying they're lazy, that they don't want jobs. Well there's none of that here. Our killer does great follow-up work, by taking care of the family. Kind of heartwarming to see such dedication.

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  • Murder by Contract

    Murder by Contract


    Martin Scorcese was right. The soundtrack is unusual. The titles are unusual. The main character is unusual. If you like different movies, then this is the movie for you. It has a style all it's own. Vince Edwards is money.

  • Mirror



    Tarkovsky may be the greatest director of all time.