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  • Baskin


    Don't you dare try and fuckin tell me this was good ok?

  • mother!



    Every 1/2 star review and every Rotten Tomatoes dipshit critic justifies this movie's existence. Everyone going on youtube and searching for "MOTHER ENDING EXPLAIEND" and every asshole making those videos doesn't deserve eyes or axons.

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  • Within



    Serious contender for worst movie I've ever seen. Completely, utterly incompetent editing, direction, lighting, screenwriting and basically everything except acting which manages to just scrape passable by casting a bunch actors who played tertiary characters on TV shows.

    The monster looks like a dishrag and also the zombie from Hocus Pocus so good luck ever taking it seriously. Also apparently it's a supermonster that can lasso people with what appear to be ethernet cables and perform inhuman feats of strength…

  • Rain Man

    Rain Man


    The original Mr. Jackpots