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  • Inception



    Nolan's two themes throughout his works up until Dunkirk are

    1) the evolution of your identity over the passing of time
    2) his films collapsing under the weight of their lofty ideas in the third act

    Having two, TWO, audience surrogate characters that others need to awkwardly stop and explain rules of the universe to, right down to the last half hour of the film, should have given someone pause.

    Of course, similar to most of Nolan's other films from this ambitious middle-era of his career, the first 2/3rds of the movie are good enough to mostly forgive the moments where it swings and misses.

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    just as good and just as bad as Dark Knight except it doesn't have a transformative performance to bolster how goofy it can be. Who approved that audio mix on Bane?

    (yo real talk Anne Hathaway steals this movie just like Heath Ledger did except she's not covered in paint and doesn't have much to do but she's shockingly expressive and grounded for a catsuit ninja)

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  • Meatballs



    I spent my entire life thinking this was the one about the fat kids

  • Gotti


    What if @NYCGuidoVoice was a movie?

    I knew I was in for something special when the list of studios (at least 5) and producers (at least 30) kept going and going during the opening credits. This is The Room levels of storytelling incompetence. Scenes barely connect to one another. Voiceovers and fake news reports summarize events that happened two minutes ago with the style and intonation of a wikipedia article. Entire scenes are shot like Tim and Eric sketches. The…