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  • Chillerama



    fuck you, movie

  • Within



    Serious contender for worst movie I've ever seen. Completely, utterly incompetent editing, direction, lighting, screenwriting and basically everything except acting which manages to just scrape passable by casting a bunch actors who played tertiary characters on TV shows.

    The monster looks like a dishrag and also the zombie from Hocus Pocus so good luck ever taking it seriously. Also apparently it's a supermonster that can lasso people with what appear to be ethernet cables and perform inhuman feats of strength…

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  • Rain Man

    Rain Man


    The original Mr. Jackpots

  • Amadeus



    When you're a kid and just getting into films, one of the first things you do when you want to try to get educated in ~~film~~ is to look up a list of Best Picture winners. When looking at the 80s you see a whole bunch of stuff you never want to watch, especially that one about the classical music guy. BO-RING!

    And then one day, as an adult, you watch it and you're blown away at an utterly perfect…