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  • A Hologram for the King

    A Hologram for the King


    Half of this movie is good. Half of this movie is bad. 2.5 stars.

    It could have been a Tom Hanks-y Lost in Translation, but never got the editing and rhythm of its parts in order.

    Perhaps Sofia Coppola or Spike Jonze would have done this justice. If anything, either of them would have given this the quirkiness and gravitas it aims for.

  • Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

    Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story


    As an avid cyclist, former amateur-amateur racer, and as someone who paid a lot of attention to the sport of it during this "golden era," I was excited to watch this film finally on Netflix.

    I didn't rush to see it when it first came out because I was deeply familiar with the sequence of events that are depicted in the film from the news, forums and blogs about it.

    However, three years on now, it was time to dig…

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  • 50/50



    First things first: f@!k cancer.

    As someone who has come to terms with the idea (or is it fact?) that cancer is a real possibility to myself, and whose loved ones and friends have been directly affected by it, both for the bad and for the worst, this film was both one I was excited to see, but also dreaded to see.

    The cast drew me in first of course: Seth Rogen, the ever-excellent Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, Anna Kendrick (who was…

  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    Wow. I didn't expect this to be anywhere near as good as it is.

    In fact, it's almost a perfect film.

    I felt bad for all the children who were watching it — all the little jokes and gags for adults, but then realized that was the brilliance of The LEGO Movie — it was made for everyone. The plot and sequencing is perfect for all ages to enjoy and the older you were, the more you could pick up…