Predestination ★★★★

I stumbled across this film randomly — I believe looking though Ethan Hawke's Wikipedia surrounding the hype around Boyhood and saw that he was in this little film.

But it's not a little film at all — based on a Robert Heinlein short story, this yarn combines all the things that I'm fond of: time travel, sci-fi, retro nostalgia and some other things that I'll let you discover yourself.

I originally rated this three and a half stars but I've bumped it up to four after a week away, as the movie has continued to prop itself up in quiet moments for me. This is how I know the movie has struck me deeper than on original viewing.

Despite how I've described it above, and the things that attracted me to it, the film is a tour de force between Ethan Hawke and more importantly, Australian actress Sarah Snook — wow, she's a powerhouse in this film.

All I can say is, don't watch any trailers, don't read anything more about this film. Just go watch it with no expectations and you may be pleasantly surprised.

RIYL: Looper, The Prestige, Back to the Future

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