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This review may contain spoilers.

I generally liked Rogue One. It's not as good as the originals and doesn't touch The Force Awakens but is far, far away and better than the prequels. It's a solid film.

The feeling throughout was that there was no real suspense. You know how it ends. And sometimes that's okay because the journey is good or compelling. It's unfortunately not the case here. 

What I keep coming back to is the detached feeling of watching a war documentary. 

Unlike Zero Dark Thirty for example — a fictionalized tale — where the journey of how the events in that film unfold, Rogue One couldn't quite keep the same tension. 

It has some great moments and characters but never as deep as our usual heroes are and our new ones have become. Jyn Erso is as close as it gets but it somehow wasn't quite enough. Maybe because we won't get two more films with her in them. Diego Luna's Cassian is a bit too evocative of Han Solo, from his hair and stance, to his donning of the same Solo-like fluffy hood jacket that Han wore on Hoth. Standard issue I assume, but just looked too hot.

The thing is does fantastically though is tie the narrative super deep and the last few moments with Vader getting to be a badass bleeding right into A New Hope is awesome. Pure thrill. A little too late perhaps.

The expanded worlds and places and ships are also good. I want to live on a beach planet.

I'll likely watch it again. As I mentioned, there are some great moments of sacrifice and resignation, and maybe current world affairs have seeped into my perspective, a little too close, but it does belong in the Star Wars canon.

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