Tenet ★★★★

Fuck, I loved it.

I had to pay extra careful attention (because you know, early reviews all panned the weird sound mix — the dialog sits low amidst the score), and my brain was working overtime to retain what I just saw and what I was presently seeing. In a weird way, the small edits were just as palindromic and attention-needy as the overall film and concept.

This movie is all business. Very little sentimentality, until the very end, when so many things, if you pieced it together correctly came out with a gut punch of emotion — halfway between not knowing whether this was a "happy" ending or just inevitability.

I am a Nolan fan (though my meh-ness about war movies made me skip Dunkirk) and this had more of an impact on first viewing than Interstellar, which upon subsequent views got more boring, though a rewatch earlier this year made me appreciate it again.

Where Interstellar hit you over the head literally with sentimentality (love, love!) this one is subtle. The Protagonist cares about Kat in a way that doesn't have to be about romance.

I'll say that Neil is the underrated character and the true heart of the movie. Again, subtle, but when the ending comes around...

I just love that Nolan will put up a film and give no fucks. It is cerebral, even if you find distaste in his zero concessions, and I'm here for it. In a year when there's been little distraction, and so much work to be done in the real world, this film allowed me to wander and focus on some world where time has its own spin.

To me, no fucks given. I give it a four. Here's to Dune next year (🤞🏽).

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