The Thing ★★

It's not bad... but it sure ain't good either.

If you're a fan of the original John Carpenter version, then this prequel is worth watching for the origins of the Thing. It explains about as much as the original film, but in the spirit of "show don't tell", shows you a lot more about it — what it originally looked like, how it got here, etc.

The odd part about the film is that, while not a remake, it could be. The plot narrative is exactly the same. Thing is on a rampage, they figure out what it does and how and then the distrust of each character begins amongst themselves. I guess there's only so many ways to skin this particular cat.

What's good: it looks like an 80s film. The tonality, the color, the hair, the characters and the acting. A good homage in that regard.

This prequel is a mere appetizer to the entree that is John Carpenter's The Thing, but if one hasn't seen either, one should actually watch the original first and then this "prequel" following. This one spoils too much of the original.

Or, just never watch this one.

P.S. I should add this, my wife's observation: this movie is nothing but fireballs. Every time you look away and then look back, someone is on fire. And thus: a drinking game should be born — for every fireball, drink. You'll be dead drunk ASAP.