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  • Bullet in the Head

    Bullet in the Head


    John Woo's hyperkinetic style of editing and pacing continues to show its effectiveness in Bullet in the Head, this time spreading it about as thin as it can just about go with three protagonists each with their own arcs, a plot that puts them through the absolute ringer that is the Vietnam war, and filled to the brim with action sequences that we've all come to expect and adore. It still worked for me, exagerrated emotions in the midst of…

  • Northern Tibetan Family

    Northern Tibetan Family


    A gorgeously shot documentary on a day in the life of a northern Tibetian family. Apparently this doc in particular has some name recognition in its relevant circles, and I can see why.

    Another short Mainland doc that I have made subtitles for. Feel free to check out the list of work I've done here, information on how to hit me up if y'all need some sub work is written there.

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