2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★½

Happy birthday, HAL.

11:41 pm. Bored. Want to watch Labyrinth instead.

I've actually tried to watch 2001 before, but all of them ended up with me sleeping. Not this night, though, on this auspicious of nights, I will finish it.

Post-watch edit: I finished it, and boy, talk about an experience.

I wrote about what I thought while watching the movie. It wasn't until after I finished it I found out that this was not usually the way to do it. So bear this in mind; what I wrote are the scribbled thoughts of a very tired teenager from midnight to 2:28 am, written quickly before the next scene arrived, and slightly tailored to make it more appealing.

Here we go.


The void.

It is inviting.

The organs call.



Gah. MGM blue.


The rising of the sun.


Grandiose, universal.


Dawn of man.

Dawn of 'homo sapien'.

Beautiful orange of the world.

Are those backgrounds matte paintings?

Those shots can be pictures.

Are the monkey suits realistic I dunno.


Conflict is born from man.

Blue. The ominous.


The curious one.

Hollow sounds.

Monolith. It is un-earth.

The dawn of man, the dawn of thought.

Strauss again.




The world's most famous jump cut, and it's a screw up. Heh.

A waltz in space.


Pretty damn good practical effects.

I love hard sci-fi. Didn't buy the Red Mars Trilogy for nothing.

The movie is luring me to sleep. No.


I will add, from this point onwards to when we first meet HAL, I was transfixed to the screen. Completely forgot to write anything. So yeah, the entire Floyd portion of the movie is missing here. Sorry. Anyway, back to the thoughts.

18 months later?

Sterile white.


Amazing effects.

Hello, HAL. It's red eye.

I'm so tired.


Oh, shit.


Again, my mind was lost for a bit, so another portion was lost.


Daisy, daisy...

Jupiter, eh?

The sounds of the eternal.

The stars have aligned.

A kaleidoscope to the ethereal.


The stars look different now.

A... room?

Dave is old now?


From animal to man,

from man to...?


And there you have it, my thoughts while viewing 2001: A Space Odyssey. If you think they're disjointed and make no sense, that's because it is. Apologies for that.

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