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  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    "So your'e telling me you made a porno where the plot it the point?"

    First time that i watched it i thought it was really enjoyable, with a godly Ryan Gosling and great acting from everyone else,and a bunch of funny moments but i thought the storytelling just wasn't good, the plot wasn't interesting and the movie fell short from being a masterpiece.
    so i watched it again and i can assure you its definitely a masterpiece, its still a…

  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    When I first heard about the first movie of john wick's universe i was very skeptical, i thought this is going to be another one of those generic Hollywood action bullshit but it was surprisingly terrific, the action scenes were amazing and something we have never seen before, this close quarters combat combined with a gun and infinite amount of head shots, this movie was just pure fun, a simple story, great pacing and one hell of a Keanu Reeves.…

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  • Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks


    I Love it.
    I Love the story.
    I Love the characters.
    I Love Agent Cooper.
    I Love Cooper's interaction with Sheriff.
    I Love the weird acting.
    I Love the weird humor.
    I Love the mystery.
    I Love the suspense.
    I Love the intensity.
    I Love the weirdness.
    I Love the surrealism.
    I Love the atmosphere.
    I Love the music.
    I Love the colors.
    I Love the scene with the rocks.
    I Love Cooper's dream sequence.
    I Love the remarkable dance.
    I Love it.

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    Self Awareness.
    One of the most important things in this movie is its self awareness, this movie is not amazing, its not very good but it is just a whole lot of fun, it just does what it knows and what delivers what we all expect, it is not trying to be something else, something it cant be and that in my opinion what makes it so good at what is does.
    kong crushing them bitches, Tom slashing them bitches, Sam shooting them bitches and Brie just being Brie.
    70s music doesnt hurt either.
    just pure fun.