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  • Good Omens

    Good Omens


    This is all about Michael Sheen and David Tennant. They are instantly watchable, and I would welcome countless seasons of them just bumming around history, kind of like a metaphysical Mitchell and Webb. The rest of this (especially episodes 4 and 5, when the show unfortunately remembers it has an apocalypse to get back to) is not nearly as compelling. I generally love Neil Gaiman and find Terry Pratchett insufferable, so no surprise that this lands just shy of mediocre…

  • Bandish



    Okay, so I'm far from an expert on Bollywood cinema, but I'm not entirely unacquainted, and striving to continue expanding my horizons. Bandish also aligned with my recent fixation on exploring the global genre output of the year 1980. While the first 90 minutes are a bit of a slog, the last hour of this film is pure masala movie magic.

    Rajesh Khanna is Kishan, a privileged prankster of a med student. Think Ferris Bueller meets Hart Bochner from Terror…

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  • Roar



    The ultimate in catsploitation, though the elephants hold their own. I won't waste your time with the background behind the making of this film as that is a story of its own (and a DVD extra worth watching).

    What we do have is The Exorcist producer Noel Marshall's one turn behind the camera, and if this is any indication, with good reason, as this looks beyond dangerous for all involved, behind the scenes or in them. Marshall was passionate about…

  • Commandos



    I haven't seen nearly as many "macaroni combat" films as giallo or spaghetti westerns, but Commandos is currently my favorite. The premise is your usual "men on a mission" "behind enemy lines" set up, this time in the harsh North African desert. While our erstwhile heroes aren't recruited straight from the brig as is typical for the genre, there is a nod to the idea that some of the commandos tasked to masquerade as Italian soldiers have a checkered past…