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Matthew Buchanan

Matthew Buchanan liked Mike Harding’s Soundtraxxx list

Karl von Randow

Karl von Randow liked Mike Harding’s Soundtraxxx list

Mike Harding
Matthew Buchanan

Matthew Buchanan liked Mike Harding’s review of Inception

Mike Harding
Inception Inception

Mike Harding watched




So epic it hurts. I’m willing to gloss over the few plot questions it leaves and just be enveloped by the killer combo of Nolan & Zimmer (whose soundtrack, incidentally, makes *everything* feel epic if you put it on loud enough).

Karl von Randow
Karl von Randow

Karl von Randow liked John Ballinger’s review of Buried

Michael Green

Michael Green watched

Loose Cannons


An Italian comedy/drama about two sons in a wealthy and successful family who are dealing with uncloseting, and the stigma they face. The tone is mixed, with moments of melodrama and farce seeming at odds with the tragic nature of the story—which doesn’t really develop in any meaningful way.

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