• Zola



    The most Florida story of all time, an absolute livewire.

  • Went the Day Well?

    Went the Day Well?


    Jerry sure picked the wrong idyllic British village to mess with.

  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    Life is full of like shit just randomly happening, legit crazy when you stop and think about it.

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    Behind every great man there's a great woman.

  • Jodorowsky's Dune

    Jodorowsky's Dune


    Got a little sidetracked thinking what a nob Dali would have been on Twitter, and I suspect Jodorowsky's version... would have been... awful. But maybe this whole thing freed up O'Bannon and Giger to think more about Alien. Anyway, I enjoyed this a lot-- the madness, the creativity, the vision, the passion (the madness?), the cast, the deep and total strangeness-- I'll just quote Jodorowsky on the trailer for Villeneuve's movie:

    “I saw the trailer. It’s very well done. We…

  • I Dream of Wires

    I Dream of Wires


    shoulda been more respect for the DX7

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    Finally channeling his inner Nicolas Winding Refn, with Tye Sheridan finding his own Miles Telller and Robert Levon Been bringing his version of Cliff Martinez, Paul Schaffer continues his engrossing exploration of the theme of men writing at desks. This movie is so weird and moves so strangely it can hypnotize you into not caring how flimsy the whole conceit is; it even feels like Schaffer coached the actors to sleep-walk their moments a la Refn. If you liked it, you'll love all 13 wonderful hours of the immensely/criminally underrated (and nearly forgotten) Too Old To Die Young.

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Between this and Burning, going to have to officially bury the whole "no one can film Murakami" take.

  • Red Rocket

    Red Rocket


    for my money the last three Sean Baker films--- Tangerine, Florida Project, Red Rocket-- are among the best American films of the last decade, with all of their waning pastel sunsets and fringe characters, there isn't anyone else telling these stories, and telling them so well.

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    man, Gyllenhaal really shoots this thing through with a piercing bit of tension that carries its scenes-- for a a directorial debut, it's stunning-- and Buckley & Colman are captivating. I've always wanted to read pre-Neopolitan Ferrante, should get around to it.

    honestly, Jessie Buckley will be / should be a massive star, she's great.

  • The Super Bob Einstein Movie

    The Super Bob Einstein Movie


    dude killed it

  • My Night at Maud's

    My Night at Maud's


    The moment in this when Vidal opens the apartment window to the gathering snowstorm and remarks "I don't care much for snow. It's phony kids' stuff. I detest things that remind one of childhood" is the only true line of dialog anyone speaks in this film, but the French sure know how to smoke.