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Lifelong movie lover. Former video store clerk. Movie blogger since 2013. I swear I'll get to your podcast, eventually.

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  • 537 Votes

    537 Votes


    *Automatic half star deduction for interviewing Roger Stone.

    I don't know if the historical evidence or consensus opinion among the experts is that the 2000 election can be totally simplified into a payback vote for what the Clinton-Gore administration did to little Elian Gonzalez, but 537 Votes certainly turns that particular thesis into a thoroughly watchable documentary with a plethora of great archival footage, including a surprising number of Daily Show clips. Bonus points for the way the doc smashes together scenes from the HBO Original Movie Recount with actual archival footage.

  • The Perfect Weapon

    The Perfect Weapon


    Nice, if horrifying primer on our ongoing cyberwar nightmare. Works better if you think of it as a spiritual sequel/update on Alex Gibney's superior 2016 documentary Zero Days.

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  • Halloween



    A bit ragged around the edges. Jumps through a couple of unfortunate narrative hoops. But it ultimately delivers where it matters. It does what I assumed to be impossible - it makes Michael Myers scary again. Also, yes, John Carpenter’s updated musical score for the movie is amazing, reverent to his original music in some places, playfully experimental with it in others.


  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    Wonder Woman’s biggest sin is simply that it turns into a CGI mess at the end that feels airlifted in from a different movie, and it doesn’t do its villains justice. That sounds an awful lot like any number of other well-liked superhero movies, particularly Iron Man 3. It’s enough to hold Wonder Woman back from joining the upper tier of all-time great superhero movies (e.g., Logan, Civil War, The Dark Knight), but it’s not enough to keep it from…