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  • Beginners



    "You can stay in the same place and find a way to leave people."
    I wonder if I am also doing this.

  • Facing It

    Facing It


    So quirky, so beautiful and so relatable.
    After 8 minutes, I was left amazed and speechless. Love is not even enough to describe how I feel about this short film.

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  • Brooklyn



    "Homesick is like most sicknesses. It will make you feel wretched, and then it will move on to somebody else."

    Not until moving 5,000 miles away from home did I feel related to this story.

    Brooklyn is so close to the life that I am experiencing now: struggling to fit in, feeling homesick, not being able to be there for your family when something awful happened and vice versa. And, even you finally returned home, you can still sense the…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    "I read your college essay, you clearly love Sacramento."
    "I do?"

    I love this film, even more, after watching it the second time.
    I see myself in Lady Bird, so much. Just less confident and determined.

    Growing up I often had this thought that I am my mom's least favorite daughter and always had this urge to leave home the further the better. Running away from all the things that I dislike about my home, and search for the ideal…