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  • Gaza Fights for Freedom

    Gaza Fights for Freedom


    such a well made, important, dangerous, and fascinating doc that in a different, better world would be getting awards left and right. but the Palestinian people are not “worthy victims”, so their suffering isn’t worth any recognition. 

    this is a subject that’s often portrayed as complicated but in fact is fairly cut and dry. along with absolutely incredible footage that you would not find anywhere else, Martin makes a sober international law based argument that Israel’s occupation and, specifically, their…

  • 9/11: Press For Truth

    9/11: Press For Truth


    probably the most sympathetic of any 9/11 conspiracy content i’ve ever seen, but also the best. truthers now are viewed as mostly cranks (rightfully so in some cases) but this focuses on the right people, the 9/11 widows (or “Jersey Girls”) who aggressively campaigned for a proper and full account of what happened. 

    i think what’s most obvious to me, and to most serious people who have looked into 9/11, is that the 9/11 commission and all other official government…