Jonathan ★★★★½

At every turn, Jonathan is surprising and delighting. Altogether, I was really blown away and impressed by this one.

Jonathan has wicked sets, costumes, uses of color (deep, dark, rich greens, browns, blacks, greys, whites and reds that make you feel lost in some mythic German forest) and crazy cinematography and camera work that feels really special and ahead of its time. The opening-ish tracking-while-rotating long take of Jonathan's enforcers searching through the hypnotized woman's apartment really impressed me. This movie is full of really inventive, smooth and surreal transitions between scenes that read like panels in a medieval polyptych painting.

The soundtrack to this movie is laughably out of place (yet completely endearing) given the tone and subject matter of the film, though it makes perfect sense if you look at this movie from its moment in history and culture. I'd prefer not to spoil it for you and let you experience that joy for yourself.

Jonathan is freely available on YouTube with English subtitles ( Do yourself a favor and grab some comically large beer steins and watch this.