Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

it was about time that i finally got to sit down and watch the final(or is it?) installment of one of the greatest romantic films ever made.

i don't know why i had put off watching this but maybe it was an unconscious decision to be honest - kind of like wanting to give myself that longing feeling so that once i finally do see it, it would seem like i've also waited "years" before witnessing the next chapter of jesse and celine's lives.

Midnight was different compared to its two predecessors. the tone, the dialogue, the overall ambiance was a lot more crisp & emotional & raw. it wasn't just about the sweet blossoming of young love. this felt more real (and that is truly saying a lot when talking about the Before trilogy).

what i loved about Sunrise and Sunset is the realism it gave off. it literally felt like i was invading the privacy of two people in their twenties having intellectual conversations whilst walking on the streets of paris. the intimacy of it all left me thinking that i shouldnt be watching this.THIS is their moment. i should probably look away. that feeling resurfaced & continued as i watched through Midnight. and this time i felt like i was being more invasive because im now witnessing a middle-aged couple who've been together for almost a decade and having a family vacation somewhere in the beautiful lands of Greece. their long walks and talks together (even that 10 min driving scene from the first part of the film) was spectacular and so articulately well-written and so well-delivered i almost thought Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy were just actual couples who star in their own family reality show together so we can witness their day-to-day lives.

okay this review is longer than my usual ones and its messy already so i might just end it off with saying that Before Midnight made me feel things that Sunrise and Sunset didnt (or perhaps just intensified more of those feelings). it made me feel for Jesse and Celine. going through the roller coaster of emotions such as anger, frustration, confusion, relief and joy was one heck of a ride.

and i gotta say that i had thought Linklater can never top the ending of Sunset... Midnight didn't but it definitely comes in close second.

PS: i am looking forward to a fourth film. i wouldnt mind it if they made films until Jesse and Celine are in their 80s.

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