Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

in celebration of wes anderson finally coming out of his cave and deciding to release the Isle of Dogs (2018) trailer tomorrow, i re-watched his underrated stop-motion picture debut: Oscar-nominated Fantastic Mr. Fox!

honestly, if you loved his other films, please don't put this one off because if you think this deviates from his live-action films then you're wrong! everything you came to love about wes' work is purely evident in this charmingly witty adaptation of R. Dahl's book about the titular sly Mr. Fox. so i suggest that before seeing Isle of Dogs next year (March 2018 release), you spare an hour and a half of your day to watch this. you won't regret it!!

PS: once again, Isle of Dogs TRAILER TOMORROW! CUSS YEAH

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