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  • Stripped Live in the U.K.

    Stripped Live in the U.K.

    cannot believe this icon was only 22 during her stripped tour in the early 2000s and she was talking and singing about feminism, female sexuality being empowering, and wearing t shirts like “god sees no colour.” she was really out there trying to be her most authentic self while loving others no matter what! 💗

  • Women in Trouble

    Women in Trouble


    kind of unhinged but in the best way

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  • Annihilation




    I think Garland has a great gift for taking something beautiful and making it terrifying - and that's essentially the basis of The Shimmer. Even the flowers/plants who are growing into shapes of people look astoundingly beautiful, yet absolutely frightening at the same time because of the idea behind it. The visuals vs the atmosphere in this film are just insanely perfect.

  • Tell It to the Bees

    Tell It to the Bees

    • as Ciara Pitts said, the film is "much more concerned with others' negative reactions to lesbianism"
    • due to that, there is no real focus/investment on them as characters and their relationship
    • doesn't really show/celebrate lesbian sex which seems like a huge disservice. the film is set in the '50s but we, the audience, are in 2019 thanks
    • that fucking kid call his mum a dirty dyke like wow ok that homophobic little shit
    • i…