It ★★

Weak sauce.I guess I am the only one not drinking the nostalgia Kool-Aid. In the same way that Stranger Things attempts to pluck the strings of nostalgia on our heart It walks a familiar path of remakes cashing in on the 80's. Chances are if you like Stranger Things you'll love It for all the same reasons. Crude and oft ridiculous one-liners, call backs to New Kids on the Block and a cumbersome haunted house style horror sandbox that tries out every cliche in the book. 

The movie is a tiresome walk through jump scares, gross outs, and characters explaining their emotions senselessly and on end. I'll give one star for two performances that I greatly appreciated, that of Sophia Lillis and Jeremy Ray Taylor. Their cute and flirtatious relationship is abandoned about two thirds of the way through which is sad because it's basically all this film had going for it from my perspective. 

I get the themes of parents leaving a mess of their kids, fear fueling the violence in the world (direct allusion to America) and how love casts out such fear. By the end of the film there is an unconfortably high body count without any consequences and a complete justification of violence solving fear which runs contrary to the entire point of the film. I mean if you have to beat something up it's because you're afraid of it right? Isn't that the American paradox, everything feeling like a walking contradiction?

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